Saturday, September 26, 2009

From my jetsetting Editorial Assistant

So my trusty, ever so reliable EA, Regina Aquino, left for 2 weeks to travel and explore four cities around the world... my only requirement from her was to send me a postcard from each city. Too bad she failed to write anything in Paris... but I still love every card she sent me and Im so happy she's back in Manila... to work! Haha!

1. New York - The Museum of Modern Art

"I saw this colored pencil print and thought the guy looked like your type!"

2. Virginia

"I never thought finding a postcard in Virginia would be so hard. Finally found this in a kid's store."

3. Paris

3. London

"Eating some fish and chips as I write this! Yummy but very oily."

Now isn't she the sweetest!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August was Fast

Let me give you a recap of my August cards!

Some doodling from Kat Gangoso! :) with a little something included from The Renegade Craft Fair to keep me entertained in my hellish cube at work! Sweet!!

You can find inspiration in everything.
I found this one in the Paul Smith store! It looks like vanilla cupcake to me! Yum!

"Keep me updated with Manila Lfe."
Leona writes before leaving for New York! I'll miss her.

Now, I wonder what adventures September holds for me. Oh, suprise me!!!