Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Camille's Boyfriend

I did not hibernate for the past two months. I worked, went on a few sidetracks, and then worked some more. I often tell myself that life shouldn't be just about work but I always find myself (more often than not) buried in the deep, dark, muddy hole of corporate whore-dom (in my case, publishing whore-dom). But this entry isn't about my rant over writing nor editing, handling logistics, proofreading and even the tedious task of paginating... as the title says, it's about Camille's boyfriend.

His name is Francis. I've known him (and not known him) since 2006. A man of few words, I tell you. He's often quiet, an observer and a listener perhaps, and quite the gentleman, especially to dear Camille. What else... tech savvy, food enthusiast, Camille's loyal sidekick in dinners, shoots and what not.

And so, this quiet man has caught me by surprise one December morning and little did he know (and Camille, too), he reminded me of a lesson I've long forgotten when (through Camille) he had given me four rolls of expired film with a note:

I've forgotten that life is all about perspective... that good can be found in bad, that play can be found in work, and that life itself is one great art show.

Merry Christmas, folks!